Maricopa and Pet Harbor

” We want to thank people who get paid and those who volunteer with animals.  I noticed that Cat and Dog rescues and adoptions are up. Animal shelters and organizations help a great deal in our society.  At Maricopa and Pet Harbor animals have a fighting chance.  Thank you for being kind to animals”  JCAngelcraft

Public Responsibility

    ….We are standing by. Boris will join us shortly for a live interview.


  Boris are you there?

Can you see me?

.Yes we can.  Its good to see you again Boris and Merry Christmas.

   Merry Christmas to you too and happy new year. I’m about to watch sports outside on the street.

   Who do you like to win the Rose Bowl Boris?

   I don’t like sports on TV right now because of the political news.  Terrorists are screwing things up for everything.  My old man stopped betting and even watching games. He says everything is fixed.  Terrorists have no care or concern for anything but their own pocket books, not even for the sports that make them money.  There is just no public responsibility right now from major news networks and it ruins lots of things for everyone.

Can you tell us what public responsibility is boris?

   Well public responsibility means telling the truth, especially in an emergency.  Publically acknowledging a real emergency is the best thing major news providers and even government can do for the people.

    Why do you support JC Angelcraft?

  Well he helps us and he tells us the truth and keeps things simple.  Through him we know that the mass media information emergency is still going on and thats all we need to know.


  And he never asks us to make donations for anything but to pray and to help each other out of this mess that we are in.

    Thank you Boris.  Do wish to say anything else?

  Yes, I wish all sporting teams the best of luck and remind them to pray and to help stop this information and political news conspiracy if they can.

   Thank you Boris.  Do you have any last words to say to our audience?


Yes… hello fish face, hello tommy and hello fenster. Look I am on TV again.



   Thank you Boris.  This is Harriet the News Hare sigining off enjoy today’s Front Page,

Liiving in freedom

“In a world filled with freedom, many good things can occur like a soda pop for less than a dollar, a family’s first home or even a  person’s first baptism!  Yup many good things can occur in freedom even the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit ”  The Fenster

Business as usual

phone ringing

“Hello this is the fenster”

“Hello Fenster, My name is Howard, I with the local democratic committee to get  Tomsen Heinze reelected for his 12th consecutive term.  You know who Tomsen Heinz is don’t you”

“He went to jail five years ago ”  said the fenster.”



“Oh, I not know that. It says in mass media news he still in office.  You watch mass media news yes?”




“Who are you people?.  Do you even know whats going on?”  asked the fenster.


The call gets taken over.

“Hello I’m sorry fenster. He is just a worker and his english is not so good.  My name is Moss Petersburg .  We are from the workers democratic party for a better more patriotic homeland. We were approved by Obama and we also need money to oppose the Trump re-election.”  Said the caller


“Both of those guys got brought to justice too.” said the fenster, “I’m calling the police.”



The caller hangs up.

The teepee

phone ringing







“Hello this is the fenster”



“Hello fenster this is boris can you see me?”


“No boris I cannot see you”


“Me and the cub scouts got together today and were wondering if  we could use your Tee-pee?”


“Yes, but you can’t burn anything inside or cook in it.”


“We just wanted it for a camping trip and project. I am going for my wolf badge.”


“The Teepee is kind of big boris it might be to heavy for you .”


“Our Den mother says she and her husband have set them up before.”


“O.k.  boris, tell your Den mother she can pick it up whenever she wants during day hours. ”


“Super, thanks fenster”


” Your welcome boris ” The fenster hangs up the phone.


The universe with boris

“Quick Borris is going to be on TV. “


“Thank you for joining us. This is Harriet the news Hare coming to you live.  We have boris the boy wonder live on television and feed transmission from his video phone.  Boris can you hear us?”




“Can you see me?”



“Yes we can, boris.  I understand that you have made a new discovery?”



“Yes I have disovered that there is a 100% chance that meteors will be visible in September”



“Boris do you think meteor showers come from comets?


“Yes I do and we still have a lot of them orbiting our sun left over from the creation of our Solar system. ”



“Boris how many years old do you think the average comet is?”


” Comets are gazillions of years old and are always in the process of desintigrating-”



“So much for the gravity dust accumulation theory”


” Comets have gravity, but they burn out, just like little meteorites. It takes them forever to burn out.”



“There you have it folks.  This is Harriet the News Hare reporting. Boris do you have anything you want to say to the audience? ”



” Yes,  hello fishface! hello fenster! look at me!  I am TV again. Hello Creek! Hello Tex from Acme Caravans right down street from the Piggly Wiggely.”



Speaking into her earpiece the owner of the television station spoke “I thought I said no free advertising Harriet! I want that rabbit cut off right now with a public service message.”


“There you have it folks.  This is Harriet the News Hare with today’s Public Service announcement.   USPHS The United States Public Health Service Emergency Management Agency says that Mass media remains in a general state of emergencylink




  “The last part of our news is always about animals.  There are many up for adoption.  Remember when you are adopting pets using the internet make sure to check your browser at all animal adoption websites to make sure they are secure.  If not and you are serious about adopting a pet visit one in person today.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.”


Journalist priviledges

phone ringing

   Hello this the fenster.  No, I do not want to donate to help starve african children.  No, I don’t want to buy your products to help the cause of the freedom and liberties.   No, I am not interested in renewing my newspaper suscription.   No, I am not interest in your homeland news magazine.  No, I don’t care about your new social media and if you do not stop right now, I am calling the police.  

The caller hangs up.

I sure wish some business calls would come in., The fenster said to himself

At Acme Caravans


    Today we finish the first part of  a series of investigative reports on Donald Trump.


     At the begining of this case, I pretended to be part of the organized crime press conspiracy.  Press priviledges allowed us to have a schedule in advance of the Donald Trumps agenda and we are supposed to lie about it.  But we can not lie and We are happy to report to you he was not in the white house when television, wireless and mass media said he made a speech from the oval office.  It was a complete lie.  His whole journalist and white house agenda is a lie.


   Every interview, talk show appearence and visit to states that were on his agenda were all false and made up.


    He is no longer is seen in New York City at what used to be the Trump Tower and many people confessed to not seeing Donald Trump for  more than 8 years.  He does not visit his casinos and businesses anymore.

(In unison) Thats because he was judged by God.

    Mass media remains in a general state of emergency.,


     But we will make a come back.   The last part of our news is always about animals.  There are many up for adoption.  Remember when you are adopting pets using the internet make sure to check your browser at all animal adoption websites to make sure they are secure.  If not and you are serious about adopting a pet visit one in person today.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off

Today more terrorists got brought to justice

phone ringing

   Hello this the fenster.  No I do not want to donate to the freemason white supremacy trust fund for starving african children.  I don’t want to help white supremacy to starve these children plus I know for a fact that God’s Holy Spirit is helping them and God has no intention on starving them like white supremacists do.

The caller hangs up.

At Acme Caravans


    Today more international terrorists got brought to justice in various parts of the world for continuing in their news and media conspiracy.  I would show you their arrests, but they got judged by God and dissappeared, vanished, gone, kaput, adios amigos.


Now make sure to ignore all Donald Trump news or its equivilent in your country.  Pay no mind to Trumps financial, political news or general information, its all terrorism.     


We advise all consumers to visit banks in person for good basic information.


  Also be aware of all media, organizations, schools, universities and business, and people wanting you to donate. Many websites are not secure.   We are in a very serious media and information crisis and the greatest social responsibility  means publically acknowledging this and that Donald Trump or his conspiracy equivuilent in your country in is not the leader.  And like Boris said, there is no greater emergency than  today’s Donald Trump terrorists news conspiracy, one that pretends that he is the president-

Thats right

    The last part of our news is always about animals.  There are many up for adoption.  Remember when you are adopting pets using the internet make sure to check your browser at all animal adoption websites to make sure they are secure.  If not and you are serious about adopting a pet visit one in person today.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off

Social Responsibility

    Today the new Front Page by boris the bunny will be posted. Boris will join us shortly for a live interview.


Now I have seen many things in my life, but for being such a young bunny I can say this rabbit is going places.  Boris are you there?

Can you see me?

.Yes boris we can.   That is quite a nice video phone you have.


Can you tell us what social responsibility is boris?

  It means so many things.

  Tell us what you think?

Well it depends.

    Say what you feel Boris.

  Well, the greatest social responsibility  means publically acknowledging a real emergency.  And there is no greater emergency than  today’s Donald Trump terrorists news conspiracy.  Pretending there is no Donald Trump conspiracy or that it is no big deal is also not the answer. Why do you think JC Angelcraft does not focus on anything else?

   So you still support JC Angelcraft?

  He is a miracle every day and my inspiration for my newspaper the Front Page,


   Boris the bunny is another rabbit in history with social responsibility second only to wee-bitty bunny.

  Thank you Harriet.

    Do you have any cats in today’s edition boris?

   A gazillion of them!

   Thank you boris.  Do you have any last words to say to our audience?

   Yes… hello fish face, hello tommy and hello fenster. Look I am on TV again.

   Thank you Boris.  This is Harriet the News Hare sigining off enjoy today’s Front Page,

Enlarge the page below by clicking on the link

Full size news paper click here

Adopt a pet where is my local animal shelter? click here for a Google search

Summer job for Boris

phone ringing

  Hello Wooden Indian.



.  Hello boris.

Can you see me?

No boris I cannot see you.

  Well, summer is almost here and schools almost out and I am looking for a job.

I could use someone part time.  Why don’t you check Caravans as well.

Well,  I was thinking of working for the Police.  They sure could use me.

Your too little Boris.  What about your paper?

   I am making a new one.  The June edition 2019.

 I think I can get you into Caravans.  How are you with tools?

   I can fix anything.

Can you sell?

   I once sold cookies till everyone got sugar sickness.

O.k. Boris I will put into a good word for you.


Harriet the News Hair

   Terrorist have control of CSPAN


….. A different team of terrorists are also trying to put the blame on WordPress trying to shut down WordPress and allow the terrorists to go free.


…..Beware of terrorists who tell you WordPress is the problem, or other causes are the problem.  These people work on controlling your attention to get you to focus on them and their guidance while pretending or doing nothing to care for you and or helping us.  What we need is to get down Donald Trump videos and media wherever they exists.


…..We support JC Angelcraft.

We do too.

Terrorists want to take down all the carriers of his media. If they succeed in taking down WordPess, Facebook and YouTube, Terrorists will not be stopped and they will still have hundreds of thousands of other ways to lie you to just to give you white supremacy Donald Trump or his equivilent in your country.  We have a caller. .. 

….   Stand by for boris .


…Boris joins us now live from his video phone.

Can you see me?

.Yes boris. That is quite a nice video phone you have.


Can you tell us what you think about today’s situation?

Well I used to really be into Obama and stuff like that, but if he is not for real then we have to move on.

Can you tell us boris how you feel about today’s conspiracy.

Well I think we should not listen to what terrorists have to say.  Their solutions are self-serving.  Imagine if they destroyed the work of JC Angelcraft has made to warn us, by destroying YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook.

Word is that they try to destroy JCAngelcraft every day. What do you think of that Boris?

   If they destroy the companies that JC Angelcraft uses pretending to care for the general public. that still leaves thousands of other media companies filled with Donald Trump media.

   So you support JC Angelcraft?

  JC Angelcraft should not exists.  He is a miracle every day.   I think we should not listen to terrorists advice as to what we should do.  I say JC stays.


    We say he stays too.  JC Angelcraft if you are out there and you can hear us, we love you very much and we pray every day for you.


   This is Harriet the News Hare siging off.  For more imformation go to the office of the Director of Interpol  

Those are only three companies.  JC’s everywhere…theres not way they can stop him for helping the public.

Business as usual

phone ringing

The telephone is ringing ”ring ring” The fenster answers the phone.

Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post.

“Hello my name is Howard P. Democrat, if I could just have a minute of your time.” The fenster hangs up.

“ The telephone is ringing “ring ring” “ring ring” the fenster picks up the phone.

Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post.

“Please stand by for a recorded message from Donald Trump.”  The fenster hangs up.

The telephone is ringing “ring ring ring” the fenster picks up the phone.

Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post.

“Hello I represent a local telecommunications investment group, but I am calling you from overseas,”   says the caller but the fenster hangs up.

The telephone is ringing “ring ring ring” The fenster picks up the phone.

Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post.

“Hello do you like music?” asks the caller but the fenster hangs up.

The telephone is ringing “ring ring ring,” The fenster picks up the phone.

Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post.

“ Hello do you like music?”  asks the caller but the fenster hangs up. The fenster hangs up.

The telephone is ringing “ring ring ring,” The fenster picks up the phone.

“Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post. ”

“ Please stand by for a recorded message from Donald Trump.  If you do not want to listen to this message press 90050965 this is your voter I.D. number.  You can also press your social security number. ”  “Jesus”  says the fenster and hangs up the phone.

The telephone is ringing “ring ring ring,” The fenster picks up the phone.

Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post.


Hello boris.

Can you see me?

No boris.

Feliz día de la Madre fenster.

Thank you boris, your spanish is getting pretty good.

Tanks, I just deposited my last payment on my Pink Floyed Album at the Bank.

Thank you boris. Don’t lose your deposit receipt and remember if the Album is in good shape, I’ll give you credit on more music.

Do you have anything by the Partrige family?

I have several .  I have a one signed Danny Bondaduce album that he cut when he was thirteen years old.  It was autographed in Anaheim California at Two-Guys department store in the early 70s.

Will you save it for me?

O.k. Boris.

More false news today by terrorists pretending that Donald Trump is president.   We at the JC Angelcraft News company cannot endorse any candidate or cause trying to raise funds for any political campaign or personal agenda, while also pretending like nothing is going on..


…..Today in Kentucky we spoke to several people who were disspointed that the  Kentucky Derby was run with such poor responsibility.   Having an opportunity to make the race even more legendary and historical, promoters failed to ransmit empathy to the true needs and feelings of their viewers.


…..From the footage we have seen thus far,  little consideration was given by the media to inlcude information about what has to be one of the most important periods in the history of the Mexico, United States and the World  as white supremacy communism, and the occult and domestic and foreign terrorism continues to be wiped off the face of the planet and from the halls of government by the Providence of God which established this nation.


…..Things like the Kentucky Derby do not make sense when such tremendous terrorism exists.  The country’s central government has changed drastically.


 ….JC Angelcraft, if you are listening, we need some more house cleaning in the media business.


Have a Happy Mothers Day! and remember that we have another Mother’s day  in a couple of days.   This is Harriet the News Hare.  Also remember that Donald Trump is not the President of the United States government and he was brought to justice more than 8 years ago.

Another day

phone ringing

Hello this is the fenster

Fenster did you see all those cats on that Front page on the news?

Yes, it still needs some work.

Fenster, I still want an animal featured at the Animal Rescue Times.


The Front page

…. Today a new animal rescue newspaper makes the news,


….  The Front Page  by child wonder boris the bunny makes a huge breakthrough for the animals housed at West Valley in Maricopa County’s Animal Shelter.


…Boris joins us now live from his video phone.

Can you see me?

.Yes boris. That is quite lot of cats you have on your newspaper.

A gazillion!

Can you tell us boris how you started?

Well I am really into animals and stuff and ever since my parents took me to the circus, I have been really fascinated with cats.

Can you tell us boris what inspired you to start your own newspaper?

Well since nobody seems to be able to tell the truth and all these cats need a home,  I thought I could help.  Remember that Donald Trump is not the President of the United States.

That’s right.

….    In other news all kinds of initiatives are being presented at the local level. but we also see very little and no initiative at getting citizens the truth especially publically on Internet government websites where it should be. Can you comment on this boris?

Yes.  I like that JC Angelcraft helped to creat central government websites of the United States Public Health Service  that tell the truth.


I sure wish people at the local level got the clue. It looks like local government does not support the telling of the truth or efforts done on behalf to protect the People of the United States. 


Is there anything else boris that you would like to tell us?

My father always said try to trust those close to you as much as possible and that telling the truth can help make many things better in your life.  

….   Thank you boris. George Washington, our founding father, was known for telling the truth.   Lets pray and hope the best for government workers at the local level. Remember it is the people who control the conspiracy websites and conspiracy information who are the most dangerous.  Boris are you still with us?

I’m right here.

….    Your new central government can also be found at YouTube where it has taken the initiative to warn citizens and is going now on their second year.

Thank you Harriet.

 This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.  Have nice day and enjoy the Front Page and make sure to visit Maricopa A-Z- Adaopt a Pet

If you are not in our area search google for your next pet by clicking on our link for Local cat and dog rescues.

Full size page

Legal: Because of the current problems with terrorism, Acme opportunities sells nothing and looks to make no profit. Acme opportunities is a suggestion for people, classrooms and even families to begin creating their own on-line cartoons for personal enjoyingment and fun. These things are a safe way to have fun.  At acme caravans the characters are not based on any children.  We feel that in projects like these children can take part guided by adults in creating their own cartoon.  We believe it should in no way connect to who they really are.  For working adults this project can also have great potential.   What is your motivation?  Are you an activist?  Do you care about society and people?  If so consider your theme and have fun putting it to work.  Try not to sell your hard work to people who have no creative abilities and who may ruin your cartoon. Make sure to keep strangers away from you and your project. Make your cartoon, a signature for your life.    JCAngelcraft

Maricopa A-Z- Adaopt a Pet

Full size page

Adopt a pet where is my local animal shelter? click here for a Google search


…. There is no or very poor transparency by government at the local level with regards to today’s news and media crisis.  But where good and perfect honesty and transparency exists,  you can trust.,,,


….  For certain you can trust your new central government who warns you every day about the government  and political conspiracy being waged against you by terrorists using false news and information. ..


….  Donald Trump is not the president of the United States, however keeping silent and pretending nothing is going on or nothing has happened does nothing to secure the trust of citizens.

Thats right.

….    With all kinds of initiatives going on at the local level we see some good ideas but we also see very little initiative at getting citizens the truth.


….   Your new central government can be found at Youtube where it has taken the initiative to warn citizens and is going now on their second year.

…. This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.  Have nice day.

phone ringing

Hello this is the fenster

Fenster I want to see one of our animals up for adoption in this months paper.

I was just thinking about that.  Hey what do you think about today’s news?

Fenster, I’m not a very ambitious man.  Thats why I work with the animals.  But I don’t like what has happened to us.  I hope God judges all of us to Kingdom come.

Not you Mr. lawson.

Fenster your the best.

I will try to get that up. for you in a few a days.

Thank you Fenster and let Geronimo know we appreciate his efforts too.

I will

More numbers

phone ringing

“  I’ll get it ” said the fenster

“ Hello”

“ fenster? ”

“ Hello boris.”

“ I’m on the video phone can you see me? ”

“ No I can not see you boris. ”

“ I have some more numbers for you. ”

“ Can you call me back boris?”

“  Oh o.k.  ”

“ Thank you boris. ”

“ I’ll call you back.”

“ Yes boris you do that ”

“ I’m going call you back.”

“ O.k. boris ”

“ I have some numbers for you.”

“ Yes boris I know.”

“ O.k..”


Alcohol advertisement


Hello WordPress, can you keep off the alcohol advertising on all free WordPress websites?

“ We’ll do the best we can. ”

“ Do you know who is responsible for this? ”

“ We thought you authorized it? ”

“ I did not authorize it. ”

“ We’ll look into it. ”

“ Thank you WordPress. ”


Life with Boris


phone ringing

“  I’ll get it ” said the Fenster

“ Hello”

“ Fenster this is Boris. ”

“ Hello Boris.”

“ I’m on the video phone can you see me? ”

“ No I can not see you Boris. ”

“ I have some numbers for you. ”

“ About what?”

“ New businesses are trying to start.  They are like collectors businesses only worse. ”

“ Oh how so? ”

“ They are like concrete jails for animals.  ”

“ Yeah.. so. ”

“ Now if they can legislate and privatize the animal shelter business they can make millions.  I ran some numbers.  If they transferred 70,000 animals to their rescues and half of them were animals recovered by their owners at 600.00 per animal.”

“ I’m listening Boris. ”

“ That is twenty-one million dollars in a very short period of time.”

“ That’s a lot of money.  ”

“ Hey I am going to be a little late on my credit payment for my Pink Floyd album.”

“ That’s ok Boris, pay me when you can.  ”

“ Thank you Fenster. ”


In todays news

This is Harriet the News Hare for today’s international special interest news –  Berlinsky – a little known uncharted Island in the pacific today, was forced by its trading partners to stop broadcasting Donald Trump news or receive no supplies.   Adolf Prax, the fifteen year old town mayor and Eagle Scout now the oldest male official on the Island, refused to comment in our first interview demanding that the Islands officials who had disappeared without a trace be returned.

Another interesting phenomena has also occurred with the pets of  people inside the Island’s local shelter where Prax demands upwards of 1200.00 dollars for the return of their pets.   The Shelters now house 80% of Islands pets who have been left there by their owners protesting the high fees and who visit them daily.

Prax denies allegations that the fees are a pretext to put the animals to sleep.

“ Are you doing any magic on your Island Mr. Prax? ”

“ I know I am not doing any magic and neither is the shelter, we run a tight ship here on Berlinsky. I don’t want to put the animals to sleep ”  returned Prax

“ Jesus ”

“ What do think about your town’s officials now Mr. Prax? ”

“ These guys fooled us, all.  I was lied too and now everyone is missing.  I want our Town Mayor back ”  returned Prax  “ I’m still in high school ”

“ Are you going to stop broadcasting Donald Trump? ”

“ I have no choice”  returned Prax  “ I don’t want go to Jail and we need supplies”

“ Are you going to lower the prices so your little sister little Anna can get her Ferret back? ”

“ She has the money to pay”  answered Prax

“ Jesus ”

“ Moms says she remembers the days when you could get your dog or cat back at the shelter for 30 dollars within 30 days. ”

“ Dad says the terrrorists who are not even American are responsible for all the bad legislation in our country,”


Lets work together

Radio Announcer – now this next song from Canned Heat goes out to Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and is dedicated to him from his little sister Texas Jackie Vermillon over at Acme Caravans…..just south of Square Deal Sams.
Lets work together
Together we stand, divided we fall   Come on now people, let’s get on the ball and work together Come on, come on let’s work together, ……. Because together we will stand, every boy, every woman and a man
Caravans stars Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion







Geronimo’s activist flyer

Enarge the flyer to read the IDs of the Cats.

…. Geronimos’s list really brings to light how important it is to care for our cats and animals and so for those of you in need of a frivolous cat contact West Valley Animal Care Center 2500 S 27th Avenue 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009 – Phone: 602-506-7387

…hey we can place an ad in Geronimo’s paper.

The Moose

“ Where’s Creek and Jackie? ” asked the Father.

“ They are watching T.V. ” The mother replied.

“ I think the kid’s need their own Caravan ” said the Father

“ That is going to upset them ” The mother said.

“ I am going to get them one so we can have the office to ourselves. ”

“ There’s a man who has been calling with one for 250.00” said Creek overhearing the conversation.

“ Why didn’t you tell us Creek? ” asked the Father

“ We think it’s a junker ”  Jackie said interrupting

“ Let your Father do the thinking plus you and creek are still to little to do business. ”  Finished the mother.

Caravans stars Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion


News hares

In todays news more terrorists were bought to justice for not taking down Donald Trump news and for intentionally deceiving the general public.

Jesus..  In other news Maricopa county continues to help animals find homes.  One of the workers is joining us live on the telephone.  Hello Bob.  Do you have any dogs or cats available?

Hello Harriet, we have lots of them and they are all pretty good.

Do you have any hares or cotton tails there.?

No I’m sorry Harriet we do not.   But we do have more than 35,000 dogs and cats entering our shelters each year, MCACC wishes to invite everyone to visit one of our adoption locations so that you can view the animals in person and get a feel for their personality.  You can read more information on-line at

There you are.  Joy in your life is just a phone call away.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.

MACADAMIA – ID#A3017431 Maricopa County Animal Care & Control – East Valley Animal Care Center at (602) 506-7387

Large News Paper Image

More about nothin

phone ringing

The phone is ringing.

“ Hello Wooden Indian, this is the fenster”

“ I am calling from government offices in Maricopa County  and also for the Humane Society are you in charge of the Animal Rescue Times?”

“ Yes sir that’s our publishing  Animal Rescue Times and the Wooden Indian are in partnership with JC Angelcraft News Co.  ”

“ Do we owe you any money? ”

“ No sir all listings are free.  We just want to help the community. ”


“ Do you want a donation Fenster? ”


“ No sir, that would not be appropriate plus we are not set up to recieve donations replied the Fenster”

“ Are you raising money in any way or selling tickets or hosting any kind of charitable events?”

“ No sir.  There is problem right now with terrorists using all sorts of schemes to raise money for white supremacy and playing on people’s sympathies. ”

“ How do you survive fenster? ”

“ We do o.k. at the Wooden Indian and JC Angelcraft takes care of us ”

“ Ok fenster thanks for the free adds ”

“ Your welcome.  We do it for the animals. ”

The caller hangs up.

This DOG – ID#A4224606:  She is a female tan Chihuahua – Smooth Coated. She has been at the shelter since Mar 09, 2019. Legal Hold Ends: 03/12/19 5:03:00 PM  For more information about this animal, call:
Maricopa County Animal Care & Control – East Valley Animal Care Center at 2630 West 8th Street Mesa, AZ 85201Phone Number: (602) 506-7387 Fax Number: (602) 506-2739 Visit the Shelter’s Web Page

reading…… name is hatchet Jack…it got a little cold and I might not make it back.”

“ I can watch this a million times ” said Creek

“ Hatchet Jack kicks pebbles. ”

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

Born Again

”I know your beak is all tied up and everything storky, but I need you tell me who I was in my past life?” asked the wee-bitty squirrel

TV inside the Caravan:  in the news today the Police reported several missing persons reports all former freemason politicians from the U.S. and Mexican Government who worked along the border. 

”Its kind of mysterious and all how these men did not show up at their jobs all the around the same time on both sides of the border, but since their disappearances there have been no missing kids reports. Only the false terrorists reports” said the local town Sheriff

”So these politicians are missing?”asked a reporter. 

”Yup, not a trace just like the Presidents and members congress”  .

”They got judged by God” said Creek

”Yup” Tex  said in agreement ”Just like the terrorist did.”

”Shh Square Deal Sam is on”

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

Sunrise to Sunset

phone ringing

”Hello Wooden Indian Trading Post”

”Fenster this is Rabbit Jack from Geronimo’s pet friendly last chance rescue and food supply.  I have been trying to reach you all day long.

”I’ve been here all day and the phone has not rung.” replied the Fenster.

”Are you getting any business calls? ”   asked Rabbit Jack, 

”I hardly ever get business calls only solicitations.”  answered the Fenster.

”I have twenty-six cats, ten dogs, one slug and no customers.” remarked Rabbit Jack

”Maybe you should change the name to something else so it does not sound so Indian.” Fenster suggested,

”Your business does well, how do you do it?” asked Rabbit Jack.

”Well I pray and I use my head.  I network with the community and people at pow-wows and mixers and stuff.  I talk to people who to trade and who like music and ask for their business. The Wooden Indian outside also attracts a lot of people.  I  get lots of walk in customers, but on the phone I get mostly polls, solicitations and prank calls and sometimes the phone does not ring all day long. ”

”You want a free cat?” asked Rabbit Jack


”A free cat.  I will throw in the shots and 6 months worth of food”

”You don’t have to do that Jack.  Sure I’ll take a cat and I will pay for the shots and the food.  You got any small dogs?”

”I got this little stupid rat chihuahua that no one wants, hes a short hair.”

”And the slug? he might make good company for my Indian.”

”I’ll throw him in for free, but let him stay for a month or so I have to get his weight up. ”

Last Chance Pet Rescue

Having walked hundreds of miles, the little desert turtle finally made it to Geronimo’s Last Chance Pet rescue.

 Rabbit Jack

”Ok, I normally don’t take in slugs, but I guess I’ll make an exception.” said Rabbit Jack the owner looking over the desert turtle.  ”What’ your story?

”Well after 70 years with the same owner, he died and left me homeless.  The new owners of the house had no use for me and just put me in the desert.  Hey I have seen you on TV aren’t you square deal Sam?  ”

”Nope my name is Geronimo but they call me Jumping Jack ”JJ.”  my customers call me Rabbit Jack.  Square deal Sam is another cotton tail, we sometimes all look the same.  Do you know much do you weigh?”

”When I left I weighed 9 pounds.”

”Will you step on the scale?”  asked Geronimo then he studied the balance.  ”You only weigh 6 pounds now”

”Sheesh.”  remarked the Desert turtle. 

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

Half Price

The phone is ringing put it on speaker phone.

”I’ll answer it.”


”Hello I called several days ago about the used caravan for 500.00”

”We have been kind of busy.” answered Creek

”Look I’ll take 250.00”

”Do we still have to pick it up?”   asked  Tex.

”Yes.”  answered the caller.

”It will cost us twice that to have it towed.”  responded Creek

”You don’t have a truck?”

”We are in the Caravan business not the towing business.”

”If I deliver it then will you give me the 250.00?”

”Let us think about it call us back in about a week.”

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

A long journey

There are some things in life that for some seem impossible to overcome such as the changing of today’s news and information conspiracy.

Life’s greatest challenges are first won inside us when we resolve to undertake the tasks required to achieve our goals.

A determined spirit never lets go of the hope of a better tomorrow and each day will complete all necessary tasks no matter how mundane untill they have reached their objective.

I have struggled for more than seven years fighting todays news conspiracy and I shall see it to its end.    JCAngelcraft

”We will see it to its end” ”yesss wee-bitty.

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

The Sunset & Late Night TV

”What are you looking at Creek?”

”Just an old desert turtle walking by.”

”Let me see”

”Hatchet Jack says they can live more than one hundred years”  remarked Tex




The TV

”The politics and general news are still bad and people are complaining their adds are not making money.   The News Cloud a new local newspaper is looking for help. Thats it for today. ….wait this just came in.  Angelcraft Media is still running. For those of you still watching you can find them at.      

This is White Horse sigining off.”

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

Late Night with White Horse

Around the country the communist had exploited the country even further and they were making life difficult for many americans in news, business and telecom.

The phone starts ringing.

phone ringing

”Hello this is the fenster,  the Wooden Indian  is now closed please leave a message after the beep. ”

” If you did not request this telephone call please press 2.  If you do not press 2 the system will call you back.  If you do not want the system to bother you the next time we call press 6858 and you will not be bothered again.

The call had woken up the fenster who reported it to the police on his cell phone.  He then dialed his friend in the military and asked  if they were doing anything about securing the phones for the nation.

Late night with White Horse

This is an emergency broadcast from White Horse on the Trade channel.

”It was a very peaceful day today and I still don’t understand whats happening.  There are great lies in the news and there are no big name politicians around anymore.   In the major cities and even in small town mayors and whole freemason councils have vanished without a trace and are gone…missing.  I knew many of them.  I expect to see the military come to speak us at any day but no word as of yet.  I feel the Great Spirit is angry and he is cleansing the earth.  This is White Horse signing off have a good nights rest.

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

The Wooden Indian

The day was going well at The Wooden Indian trading post,  Used music was selling like hot cakes and it seemed like the 70s had been reborn then the phone start ringing.

phone ringing

”Hello Wooden Indian”

”My grandfather has just finished giving me a bunch of his old records.”  said the caller.

The fenster disguises his excitement.

”How much do you want them?”  asked the fenster.

”I need a record player” responded the caller do you have any with the needle in good shape?  asked the caller.

”There is a guy who used to advertise  in the Amalogordo that used to sell and service used record players a long time ago. ”

”The Amalogordo is under the control of terrorist and their news looks like everyone elses nothing but death and bad news.” the caller said.

”Ok,  I think I can help.” offered the fenster  ”Do you got any Red Bone? ”

”I might” answered the caller.

”I have a used record player in good shape.  It plays 78 and 33 speed records.  I ‘ll give it you for a Red Bone album in good shape and two other albums from your grandfather’s collection.

”Ok I’ll think about it ” said the caller.

”We have a national news and information emergency and crisis” said the fenster ”

”Yes I know this” said the caller. ”Thank you.”  the caller hangs up.

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved.  We are not syndicating with anyone other than JCAngelcraft and his network.



The days end

” Sigh…I sure hope the news is off the television.” said the Fenster who earlier  cancelled his subscription after twenty years with the same newspaper.

At the museum: ”This was our last good president Creek. They say his ancestors fought against the smooth coats.” ”You mean the red coats” replied Creek”That was I said” contested Tex

.ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

From behind the binoculars.  

From behind the binoculars.

”He’s talking to the Indian.”

”What’s he saying?”

”shhh Flat Nose, I can’t hear him.”

Fenster grunts as he struggles putting away his shop inside his caravan.

”You made me some bread today George.” said the Fenster to the wooden indian. I promise to wash your suede tomorrow.”

From behind the binoculars.

”He sure looks heavy.”

”shhh Flat Nose... music trader, he’s got brand new Koko Peli magnet” 

ACME CARAVANS INC. ®By JC Angelcraft all rights reserved


”How much do the ID’s cost?” asked Tex

”They went up 5 dollars.” said the lady clerk.

Creek looks inside his wallet ” I am a little bit short, we’ll be back.”   .

”I’ll be waiting”

”I am sure glad you know where I am supposed to be” said squirrel to the stork whose beak was tied up and he couldn’t talk.


Howard P Democrat

The telephone is ringing ”ring ring” The fenster answers the phone.

”Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post. ”

”Hello my name is Howard P Democrat and I am running for mayor, if I could just have a minute of your time.” The fenster hangs up.

The telephone is ringing ”ring ring”  ”ring ring”  The fenster pickes up the phone.

”Please stand by for a recorded message from the President of the United States and an opportunity to win a two free round trip tickets to the Bahamas.” The fenster hangs up.

The telephone is ringing ”ring ring ring”  The fenster pickes up the phone.

”Hello the Wooden Indian Trading Post. ”

”I would like to place an ad in the Animal Rescue Times for the President of the United States of America and I am willing to pay”   says the caller but ‘ The fenster hangs up.

”Jesus”  says the fenster.   ”I know the military had to have heard that. ”

The Television ”Miss the bus again my friend?  Well your worries are over,  Check out this perfect reconditioned used beetle at Square Deal Sams. For just 500 dollars down and good credit you can drive this baby home today”



Happy New Year from ACME Caravans JCAngelcraft


”How can we get him to sell us that wooden the Indian.?”  said Flat Nose

”I don’t know, he puts everything away every day inside the caravan even the signs.”  said Newton ”wait …something is missing.”

”I don’t see the Kolepeli magnet that he sticks on the trailors advertising.’ returned Flat nose,

The Wooden Indian

Phone is ringing.

”Hello Wooden Indian Trading Post.”

Caller – Thats a pretty big Indian you have there.

The fenster  – He’s a big man thats for sure.

Caller – How much you want for him?

The fenster – He is not for sale.

Caller – Everything is for sale.

The fenster –  Not him.  The fenster hangs up.

The phone rings again.


Caller – Is this the animal adoption center?

The fenster –  No its not call the number at the website but it is not secure today. – 

The fenster hangs up the phone and then it starts to ring again.  ”Ring ring”

”Hello Wooden Indian Trading Post”

Caller –  My names is Howard P. Democrat, I am calling people in the local area  about the new Ronald Frump more taxes for government initiative.

The fenster –  Hey buddy.  Ronald Frump got brought to justice 8 years ago.  I am calling the police.

The caller hangs up.



Trading Cards

”Where are we going to get 500 Dollars Creek?”

Creek pulled out his baseball card collection and looked through it and drew one out.

”This one” said Creek

”This is the only Willy Mays card east of the Mississippi. It’s to valuable. Lets use our Randy Johnson rookie card.” suggested Tex.

His mind made up Creek starts to walk out the door.

”Where are you going to go Creek?” asked Tex

”To the Wooden Indian where else?” replied Creek.

”But we owe the Fenster money….wait I’ll go with you.” said Tex getting his jacket.

”In today’s news more bad politics and more lies with no relief in sight.  This is wee-bitty bunny reporting to you live from the Chipaw Falls Public Broadcasting. ”


The veteran’s stickers


”How much to put a veterans sticker on our I.D.s?” asked Tex.

”Your to little to be veterans.” answered the woman behind the desk.

”Everyone has a price.” replied Creek trying to sound like a tough negotiator.

”You got the ten dollars for your I.D.’s?” asked the Clerk

”She’s got a point Creek.” said Tex

”If you do not have the ten dollars how were you going to bribe me?” asked the Clerk.

”With my Nolan Ryan Baseball card.  It is worth millions.” answered Creek.

”Not our Nolan Ryan baseball card.  Creek we agreed on Tommy Maddux.” said Tex.

”Shhh” said Creek passing the DMV clerk the baseball who looks at it and  then gives it back.”

”I prefer you pay your fee for your IDs the prices are going up after Christmas.”

”Ok we’ll be back.” said Creek

The phone is ringing.

”Hello” said Creek answering the phone

”I hear you buy used Caravans. and pick them up.” remarked the Customer.

”Only if it’s in perfect shape and not to far.” responded Creek.

”I have the FD77 they only made them one year.” said the customer.

”That was 39 years ago! How much you want for it?” said Creek

”Give me 500 Dollars and its yours but you have to pick it up. It has a few minor problems.” answered the customer.

”Ask him where it’s at and put him speaker phone.” said Tex

”Where is it at?” asked Creek

”Just outside of Tuscon”

”That’s 500 miles from here!” exclaimed Creek

”If I deliver it will you give me the 500 dollars?”

”We’ll have to go and see it.   Is this your telephone number on the caller I.D.?” asked Tex.

”No it belongs to the neighbors but you can use it.” answered the customer.

”Ok. we’ll call you back.” said Tex

Caravans stars Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion




Ten Dollars?

DMV There is going to be a small fee of ten dollars for each one of your I.D.s

Tex – Ten dollars? ….Jesus….Tex looks at Creek in dismay  ”Where am I going to get Ten Dollars?”

Creek- I told you to save a little bit of your money every week Tex

Tex – Ten dollars …Jesus

DMV –  We’re closing now. The computers just shut down and I don’t have a system.  You will have to come back tommorrow.

Creek – O.K.  we’ll come back.

2018 Silver State Gourd Society 4th Annual Gourd Dance Celebration

BAPS Brook Animal Protection Society

Tex – Creek Its your turn take the laundry down.

Creek- Let me read the paper first …Jesus … that little cat still is not adopted.

Tex – Let me see. …


The Taco Squirrel

Creek – The Taco Squirrel Kicks

Creek I have a great Idea.

What is it Tex?

”Taco Tuesdays” Free tacos with a credit check.

Tex –  I thought you liked Chinchela’s Enchilada House for Tacos.

”Give it to the Squirrel”

Tex – I’ll make a sign

Brooks Animal Protection Lost and Found

Look Creek a color me turtle.

Creek – The powow looks pretty good.

Tex –  it is the 2018 Turtle Mountain Little Shell Memorial Pow Wow August 3rd to August 5th 2018.

Creek – Check Native Knots – Tex types into the computer

Tex  –  I found it

The Universe with Spotted Horse


Spotted Horse –  We are living on a planet orbiting a star inside a solar system that orbits our galaxy in the outer part of the milky way.

Creek- This

Spotted Horse – this is the big picture the Mahayana of understanding.

Tex –  What do you think the small picture is creek?

Creek – I don’t know?

Spotted Horse –  The Hinayana are details, the planets and all the stuff inside the big picture, but if you get small enough and shrink down to the size of an atom, the small things all of a sudden become a bunch of ”big pictures” that need to be explained all over again.

Texas – Spotted horse kicks pebbles.

Creek – lets find our birth certificates Tex

July Powow Calender

BAPS Brooks Animal Protection Lost and Found



The Clerk – This doctors note has a stain on it.

Creek – We just finished eating some spagetti.

The Clerk   Let me see your I.D. card.

Creek – Tex what did you do with our I.D. cards?

Tex checks all his pockets and looks back at the Clerk and smiles.

Clerk – I can give you a basic I.D. card for you and your friend, but you have to bring your birth certificates and your Native American affiliation if you want your Tribal seal on your I.D. card.

Creek – Yes! ok lets go Tex. …we’ll be back.  Thats a good start.

July Powow Calender

BAPS Brooks Animal Protection Lost and Found


The Mahayana and the Hinayana

Who is it creek? ..wait

Wee-Bitty-Bunny –   The Mahayana – is the big picture.  The wider perspective.  It is a technique.

Let us also consider a traditional word the ”greater perspective.”

In the traditional expression the word greater is intended to mean the wider perspective or the big picture.

Use:  In analyzing any problem, let us look at that problem from the bigger perspective. The bigger perspective has many attributes that are factors that must be given a value before being encompassed into any argument that forms the big picture.

The Hinayana  – The lesser perspective.  The lesser perspective in the traditional interpretation makes less of the school of Hinayana as if both techniques were in competition.

This problem of competition and conflict between the schools of Mahayana and Hinayana is the creation of man and not God.

God gave us this very simple and basic of techniques by which to analyze and look at any problem.   The Hinayana approach is a detailed approach to analyzing any problem.

for example.  Macro Economics conveys the topic of economics from the big picture or the wider perspective whereas Micro-Economics examines the topic of economics in a microcosm, a more detailed approach.

These mechanics are how ancient thinkers today called scientists approached problems.  It is the old empirical approach or one can say the old scientific method by which we gather empirical evidence.

Empirical evidence is information acquired by general observation [Mahayana] then detailed experimentation [Hinayana] to help arrive to a conclusion based on general questions asked for any given theory proposed by a hypothesis.

TV:  That is all for today folks. Stay tuned in for the Spotted Horse Show.

Creek – Wee bitty lectures are the beez-kneez.

Tex – He kind of looks like Square Deal Sam Creek.  I think he might have some Cree inside him.

Creek – He has to be Navajo and maybe some cotton tail.  Lets go to the DMV

We have to verify your doctors notes. ”ok”


The Television

Spotted Horse – ”Spotted Horse can not be defeated”

The Cowboy – ”Your nothing but a skinny lunger”

Spotted Horse – ”No I’m not”

The Cowboy – ”Yes you are”

Spotted Horse – ”No I’m not”

The Cowboy – ”Yes you are”


Creek ”I wonder how spotted horse is going to get out of this one Creek?.”

Tex – ”By arguing from the adult position ”

Creek  ”I am going to have review my psychology books ”

Tex – ”Spotted Horse reruns kick pebbles on the Life with the Foo- Bears

Creek – ”Theres no way Spotted Horse beats the Foo-Bears on prime time

Transactional analysis 

July Powow Calender

BAPS Brooks Animal Protection Lost and Found

The Department of Motor Vehicles

”What do you mean I’m too short to drive?”

”It says right here that without a special doctors order for a specially equipped car for short hares,  I cannot issue this license?”

”But we passed written the tests?”

The little ears suddenly went out of sight.   The clerk then leaned over the counter and looked down on tex and creek.

”What are you doing?”

”I’m tying my shoes”

”Maybe we can get one from the fenster” said creek

Saturday June 23

Dream State Flying

z z z z z


z z z z z


z z z z z


”Our dream states are special worlds from where we can learn many differnt things about ourselves. A dreams interpretation depends on many factors and the person.  Flying can mean happiness in ones life, as well as escape from a troublesome situation.  JC Angelcraft

Dream States

Saturday June 23 2018 


HAG The Hare Actors Guilde

The TV –  will feature our ACME Caravan world of actors such as ”john wayne rabbit” and the award winning director wee bitty bunny to name only a few of the many characters that we are aiming to introduce here at ACME Caravans Inc.

whats it say creek? ..wait I’m still reading it.


”Its the same color ” ”we don’t have a licences creek”

Fair competition

she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah

she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah

and with prices like this there’s no time to be sad...

”Visit square deal autos; we are located right next to square deal sams just down the road from the piggly-wiggly.  With square deal autos, there is always a guarantee. ”

”I’m starten to like square deal autos  more than square deal sam creek.”

”Theres no one better than square deal sam tex.”

”You may be right. Hey where have I seen that ‘little muppet creek?”

”at square deal sams, he’s right next door and he gets inside sams live commercials and pays for a little corner right next to square deal sams newspaper print adds.  It costs him one tenth of the money that sams pays and he has very similar models.

”thats why he always standing in front of his used car lot. Sams always in his trailer”

”that little muppet has more business respect than you can shake a stick at”

”How can I make this work for me?”



The beetle

”Its square deal sam creek” …..square deal sam here bringing you the best bargains in used autos. You will not get shammed with Square Deal Sam.  …. ”Now thats what I am talking about.”

”Creek did you see that beetle in todays newspaper?”   ”yes square deal sam is the man” ”I was thinking of naming a caravan model A the Beetle…just a thought”

The road to success by JC Angelcraft

”Whats on TV?” ”Its JC Angelcraft”

The road to success is about helping people and others with good words and kind deeds being always conscience of every detail in how we help.

There is no negotiation for goodness.

Prayer is an important aspect of life for the successful person.  Prayer gives people peace of mind to continue on under all circumstances.

Prayer gives people hope and it is through prayer that all things can be overcome.

It is though prayer and prayerful work that ACME Caravans Inc works to find a way to keep you distracted and entertained and away from the wickedness of this world.

People who pray do not consider other methods like evil people do.  People who pray rely on faith and work no evil and no evil is found in them.  When people work iniquity, their prayer is not counted.

Prayer is no spell.  Prayer is speaking with God asking for help,  Ask God in prayer to protect you from the wizards and magicians and their evil.  Prayer does not cost money.  People do not charge for prayer,

 JC Angelcraft

Let me see


Wigs and Hairs

”In todays news” said wee-bitty ”the shaved head is declared non-sequitur for white supremacy.

”What does that mean?” said turkey creek jack johnson to texas jack vermillion


”It means theres nothing wrong with shaving your head said texas jack vermillion.   Having a shaved head is in style,”   ”like Calvin Klein

Its the bomb

The Ferris – ”Rollin with the homies”

”Whats up ferris?…why are you so happy?”

”boris, my disciple, just sold another caravan”

”ferris, is the sales guru”

Daily Wisdom

Links are great when they do not lead you to the where the worshippers hitler are.

You mean like this one.

”Yes, I can’t believe, people actually worship this guy hitler”

”Its their educational system”

”some people worship stalin as well”

”you mean ‘secret book club stalin’ the father of Holodomor ?


”Its sure nice not to have around all these false mason Messiah’s.”

”it sure is ferris, lets go congratulate boris”

Animal Rescue

” This is embarrassing” said turkey creek jack johnson to texas jack vermillion

” This is embarrassing” said turkey creek jack johnson to texas jack vermillion

”Our mother dottie owned this company for years.”

”Its for your own good and safety” offered the ferris ”You see JC takes no share of the profits”


We’ve never been so embarrassed”

”Its to scare off the white supremacists” said ferris ”this tells them your part of JC’s crew a family.”

”Its good to be part of the family”

”Look” said the ferris”

The Ferris

”JC is making you more money than ever before. That is what he does for his partners.”

I guess incorporated doesn’t sound to bad”


”Yes Ferris”

”White supremacist just called in”

”What else is new”

”They say they are going to tell the public that you finance and make money for white supremacy”

”They destroy themselves Ferris”

”Yes they do”

”Heres your Wisdom of the day”

Those who love God seek God daily and do not need a Link like this one.

Animal Rescue

The cat is upset

The sales traffic was a little slow and boris and the ferris read the days newspaper as a beautiful blue sky and a lemon yellow sun blessed the day and the sales yard.

”It says at brooks lost and found that Socks is pretty upset.” commented boris while reading the news.

”you would be too”   said the Ferris

”I sure hope he finds a nice family willing to take care of him in his final years”

”me too said the ferris”

Acme Caravans Inc. ® by JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

What’s happening with those Sausages?

”What’s happening with those sausages?” asked slider

”You missed them slider they were saturday.” responded the feris

”Well I got this approved credit application and a buy order that says you pull out that barbecue right now.”

”Let us see the credit application” replied Turkey Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion.

”I am not a white supremacist” said the Burger Meister

”I am not a white supremacist” said the burger meister

”otherwise JC would not have picked up my contract,” continued the meisterburger.

”it looks like he has his head on straight.”  said  Turkey Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion.

The meisterburger continued.

”On behalf of her royal highness the Virgin Mary the queen of heaven,”   said the Meisterburger ”I wish to apologize for the people of Germany, Austria, Bavaria, Brussels, Russia, China, Japan, Austria and any others that I did not mention”

”Jesus creek, can you believe this?” ”all the former countries of world war II”  ”He forgot Scotland, Great Britain and Ireland who went nazi”  ”only the old mlitary”

The meisterburger continued.

”This donald trump news has hurt the world and I am not responible” forwarded the meisterburger”

”Mr meisterburger” asked the wee-bitty-bunny

”its wee bitty!”

”…on behalf of good journalism around the world, this does nothing to solve the problem and if you are not responsible then who is?”

” This situation changes daily” returned the meisterburger ”