Life with Boris


phone ringing

“  I’ll get it ” said the Fenster

“ Hello”

“ Fenster this is Boris. ”

“ Hello Boris.”

“ I’m on the video phone can you see me? ”

“ No I can not see you Boris. ”

“ I have some numbers for you. ”

“ About what?”

“ New businesses are trying to start.  They are like collectors businesses only worse. ”

“ Oh how so? ”

“ They are like concrete jails for animals.  ”

“ Yeah.. so. ”

“ Now if they can legislate and privatize the animal shelter business they can make millions.  I ran some numbers.  If they transferred 70,000 animals to their rescues and half of them were animals recovered by their owners at 600.00 per animal.”

“ I’m listening Boris. ”

“ That is twenty-one million dollars in a very short period of time.”

“ That’s a lot of money.  ”

“ Hey I am going to be a little late on my credit payment for my Pink Floyd album.”

“ That’s ok Boris, pay me when you can.  ”

“ Thank you Fenster. ”