…. There is no or very poor transparency by government at the local level with regards to today’s news and media crisis.  But where good and perfect honesty and transparency exists,  you can trust.,,,


….  For certain you can trust your new central government who warns you every day about the government  and political conspiracy being waged against you by terrorists using false news and information. ..


….  Donald Trump is not the president of the United States, however keeping silent and pretending nothing is going on or nothing has happened does nothing to secure the trust of citizens.

Thats right.

….    With all kinds of initiatives going on at the local level we see some good ideas but we also see very little initiative at getting citizens the truth.


….   Your new central government can be found at Youtube where it has taken the initiative to warn citizens and is going now on their second year.

…. This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.  Have nice day.

phone ringing

Hello this is the fenster

Fenster I want to see one of our animals up for adoption in this months paper.

I was just thinking about that.  Hey what do you think about today’s news?

Fenster, I’m not a very ambitious man.  Thats why I work with the animals.  But I don’t like what has happened to us.  I hope God judges all of us to Kingdom come.

Not you Mr. lawson.

Fenster your the best.

I will try to get that up. for you in a few a days.

Thank you Fenster and let Geronimo know we appreciate his efforts too.

I will