The Front page

…. Today a new animal rescue newspaper makes the news,


….  The Front Page  by child wonder boris the bunny makes a huge breakthrough for the animals housed at West Valley in Maricopa County’s Animal Shelter.


…Boris joins us now live from his video phone.

Can you see me?

.Yes boris. That is quite lot of cats you have on your newspaper.

A gazillion!

Can you tell us boris how you started?

Well I am really into animals and stuff and ever since my parents took me to the circus, I have been really fascinated with cats.

Can you tell us boris what inspired you to start your own newspaper?

Well since nobody seems to be able to tell the truth and all these cats need a home,  I thought I could help.  Remember that Donald Trump is not the President of the United States.

That’s right.

….    In other news all kinds of initiatives are being presented at the local level. but we also see very little and no initiative at getting citizens the truth especially publically on Internet government websites where it should be. Can you comment on this boris?

Yes.  I like that JC Angelcraft helped to creat central government websites of the United States Public Health Service  that tell the truth.


I sure wish people at the local level got the clue. It looks like local government does not support the telling of the truth or efforts done on behalf to protect the People of the United States. 


Is there anything else boris that you would like to tell us?

My father always said try to trust those close to you as much as possible and that telling the truth can help make many things better in your life.  

….   Thank you boris. George Washington, our founding father, was known for telling the truth.   Lets pray and hope the best for government workers at the local level. Remember it is the people who control the conspiracy websites and conspiracy information who are the most dangerous.  Boris are you still with us?

I’m right here.

….    Your new central government can also be found at YouTube where it has taken the initiative to warn citizens and is going now on their second year.

Thank you Harriet.

 This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.  Have nice day and enjoy the Front Page and make sure to visit Maricopa A-Z- Adaopt a Pet

If you are not in our area search google for your next pet by clicking on our link for Local cat and dog rescues.

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