Harriet the News Hair

   Terrorist have control of CSPAN


….. A different team of terrorists are also trying to put the blame on WordPress trying to shut down WordPress and allow the terrorists to go free.


…..Beware of terrorists who tell you WordPress is the problem, or other causes are the problem.  These people work on controlling your attention to get you to focus on them and their guidance while pretending or doing nothing to care for you and or helping us.  What we need is to get down Donald Trump videos and media wherever they exists.


…..We support JC Angelcraft.

We do too.

Terrorists want to take down all the carriers of his media. If they succeed in taking down WordPess, Facebook and YouTube, Terrorists will not be stopped and they will still have hundreds of thousands of other ways to lie you to just to give you white supremacy Donald Trump or his equivilent in your country.  We have a caller. .. 

….   Stand by for boris .


…Boris joins us now live from his video phone.

Can you see me?

.Yes boris. That is quite a nice video phone you have.


Can you tell us what you think about today’s situation?

Well I used to really be into Obama and stuff like that, but if he is not for real then we have to move on.

Can you tell us boris how you feel about today’s conspiracy.

Well I think we should not listen to what terrorists have to say.  Their solutions are self-serving.  Imagine if they destroyed the work of JC Angelcraft has made to warn us, by destroying YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook.

Word is that they try to destroy JCAngelcraft every day. What do you think of that Boris?

   If they destroy the companies that JC Angelcraft uses pretending to care for the general public. that still leaves thousands of other media companies filled with Donald Trump media.

   So you support JC Angelcraft?

  JC Angelcraft should not exists.  He is a miracle every day.   I think we should not listen to terrorists advice as to what we should do.  I say JC stays.


    We say he stays too.  JC Angelcraft if you are out there and you can hear us, we love you very much and we pray every day for you.


   This is Harriet the News Hare siging off.  For more imformation go to the office of the Director of Interpol  

Those are only three companies.  JC’s everywhere…theres not way they can stop him for helping the public.