Social Responsibility

    Today the new Front Page by boris the bunny will be posted. Boris will join us shortly for a live interview.


Now I have seen many things in my life, but for being such a young bunny I can say this rabbit is going places.  Boris are you there?

Can you see me?

.Yes boris we can.   That is quite a nice video phone you have.


Can you tell us what social responsibility is boris?

  It means so many things.

  Tell us what you think?

Well it depends.

    Say what you feel Boris.

  Well, the greatest social responsibility  means publically acknowledging a real emergency.  And there is no greater emergency than  today’s Donald Trump terrorists news conspiracy.  Pretending there is no Donald Trump conspiracy or that it is no big deal is also not the answer. Why do you think JC Angelcraft does not focus on anything else?

   So you still support JC Angelcraft?

  He is a miracle every day and my inspiration for my newspaper the Front Page,


   Boris the bunny is another rabbit in history with social responsibility second only to wee-bitty bunny.

  Thank you Harriet.

    Do you have any cats in today’s edition boris?

   A gazillion of them!

   Thank you boris.  Do you have any last words to say to our audience?

   Yes… hello fish face, hello tommy and hello fenster. Look I am on TV again.

   Thank you Boris.  This is Harriet the News Hare sigining off enjoy today’s Front Page,

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