Today more terrorists got brought to justice

phone ringing

   Hello this the fenster.  No I do not want to donate to the freemason white supremacy trust fund for starving african children.  I don’t want to help white supremacy to starve these children plus I know for a fact that God’s Holy Spirit is helping them and God has no intention on starving them like white supremacists do.

The caller hangs up.

At Acme Caravans


    Today more international terrorists got brought to justice in various parts of the world for continuing in their news and media conspiracy.  I would show you their arrests, but they got judged by God and dissappeared, vanished, gone, kaput, adios amigos.


Now make sure to ignore all Donald Trump news or its equivilent in your country.  Pay no mind to Trumps financial, political news or general information, its all terrorism.     


We advise all consumers to visit banks in person for good basic information.


  Also be aware of all media, organizations, schools, universities and business, and people wanting you to donate. Many websites are not secure.   We are in a very serious media and information crisis and the greatest social responsibility  means publically acknowledging this and that Donald Trump or his conspiracy equivuilent in your country in is not the leader.  And like Boris said, there is no greater emergency than  today’s Donald Trump terrorists news conspiracy, one that pretends that he is the president-

Thats right

    The last part of our news is always about animals.  There are many up for adoption.  Remember when you are adopting pets using the internet make sure to check your browser at all animal adoption websites to make sure they are secure.  If not and you are serious about adopting a pet visit one in person today.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off