Journalist priviledges

phone ringing

   Hello this the fenster.  No, I do not want to donate to help starve african children.  No, I don’t want to buy your products to help the cause of the freedom and liberties.   No, I am not interested in renewing my newspaper suscription.   No, I am not interest in your homeland news magazine.  No, I don’t care about your new social media and if you do not stop right now, I am calling the police.  

The caller hangs up.

I sure wish some business calls would come in., The fenster said to himself

At Acme Caravans


    Today we finish the first part of  a series of investigative reports on Donald Trump.


     At the begining of this case, I pretended to be part of the organized crime press conspiracy.  Press priviledges allowed us to have a schedule in advance of the Donald Trumps agenda and we are supposed to lie about it.  But we can not lie and We are happy to report to you he was not in the white house when television, wireless and mass media said he made a speech from the oval office.  It was a complete lie.  His whole journalist and white house agenda is a lie.


   Every interview, talk show appearence and visit to states that were on his agenda were all false and made up.


    He is no longer is seen in New York City at what used to be the Trump Tower and many people confessed to not seeing Donald Trump for  more than 8 years.  He does not visit his casinos and businesses anymore.

(In unison) Thats because he was judged by God.

    Mass media remains in a general state of emergency.,


     But we will make a come back.   The last part of our news is always about animals.  There are many up for adoption.  Remember when you are adopting pets using the internet make sure to check your browser at all animal adoption websites to make sure they are secure.  If not and you are serious about adopting a pet visit one in person today.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off