The universe with boris

“Quick Borris is going to be on TV. “


“Thank you for joining us. This is Harriet the news Hare coming to you live.  We have boris the boy wonder live on television and feed transmission from his video phone.  Boris can you hear us?”




“Can you see me?”



“Yes we can, boris.  I understand that you have made a new discovery?”



“Yes I have disovered that there is a 100% chance that meteors will be visible in September”



“Boris do you think meteor showers come from comets?


“Yes I do and we still have a lot of them orbiting our sun left over from the creation of our Solar system. ”



“Boris how many years old do you think the average comet is?”


” Comets are gazillions of years old and are always in the process of desintigrating-”



“So much for the gravity dust accumulation theory”


” Comets have gravity, but they burn out, just like little meteorites. It takes them forever to burn out.”



“There you have it folks.  This is Harriet the News Hare reporting. Boris do you have anything you want to say to the audience? ”



” Yes,  hello fishface! hello fenster! look at me!  I am TV again. Hello Creek! Hello Tex from Acme Caravans right down street from the Piggly Wiggely.”



Speaking into her earpiece the owner of the television station spoke “I thought I said no free advertising Harriet! I want that rabbit cut off right now with a public service message.”


“There you have it folks.  This is Harriet the News Hare with today’s Public Service announcement.   USPHS The United States Public Health Service Emergency Management Agency says that Mass media remains in a general state of emergencylink




  “The last part of our news is always about animals.  There are many up for adoption.  Remember when you are adopting pets using the internet make sure to check your browser at all animal adoption websites to make sure they are secure.  If not and you are serious about adopting a pet visit one in person today.  This is Harriet the News Hare signing off.”