Public Responsibility

    ….We are standing by. Boris will join us shortly for a live interview.


  Boris are you there?

Can you see me?

.Yes we can.  Its good to see you again Boris and Merry Christmas.

   Merry Christmas to you too and happy new year. I’m about to watch sports outside on the street.

   Who do you like to win the Rose Bowl Boris?

   I don’t like sports on TV right now because of the political news.  Terrorists are screwing things up for everything.  My old man stopped betting and even watching games. He says everything is fixed.  Terrorists have no care or concern for anything but their own pocket books, not even for the sports that make them money.  There is just no public responsibility right now from major news networks and it ruins lots of things for everyone.

Can you tell us what public responsibility is boris?

   Well public responsibility means telling the truth, especially in an emergency.  Publically acknowledging a real emergency is the best thing major news providers and even government can do for the people.

    Why do you support JC Angelcraft?

  Well he helps us and he tells us the truth and keeps things simple.  Through him we know that the mass media information emergency is still going on and thats all we need to know.


  And he never asks us to make donations for anything but to pray and to help each other out of this mess that we are in.

    Thank you Boris.  Do wish to say anything else?

  Yes, I wish all sporting teams the best of luck and remind them to pray and to help stop this information and political news conspiracy if they can.

   Thank you Boris.  Do you have any last words to say to our audience?


Yes… hello fish face, hello tommy and hello fenster. Look I am on TV again.



   Thank you Boris.  This is Harriet the News Hare sigining off enjoy today’s Front Page,